A magical, unique restaurant off the road to Eilat,
serving a variety of dishes from the far and near east.
Hosting individuals, couples, families, groups, workers committees, events and parties.
Special seating options, attentive staff, quality music and screens.

What Pangea offers

Diner – A restaurant designed as an American diner.

Tziphcha hall – a large, designed hall, designed to host groups of up to 150 ppl for events, groups and special evening events.  A stage, sound, lighting and multimedia systems suitable for performances, lectures and conferences.

The magical olive grove – Ancient olive trees, adorned with spectacular stone poles, mahogany seating areas, flowers and climbing plants.

Catering and outdoor events – High quality catering at the Negev Mountains.

Events: Rich, thorough experience in event production, starting from the stage of ideas, onto the process and all the way to a meticulous execution.

Multimedia: Up to date sound systems, lighting systems, screening and multimedia systems, including technical support.


The restaurant works under the Rabanut kosher standards, all the restaurant products and ingredients are Glat Mehadrin Kosher qualified