First CoursePriceExtras
1.House hummus25 NISMushrooms 7 NIS
2.Green salad  With vegetables and herbs27 NIS 
3.Lahmajoun - Tomatoes and meat.  Served with a side salad28 NIS 
4.Za’atar Foccacia – With olive oil & sesame23 NIS 
5.Antipasti Foccacia – With roasted vegetables23 NIS 
7.Chicken wings stir-fried with chili / barbeque sauce and sesame36 NIS 
8.French Fries – Large/Small17/27 NIS 
 “Diamonds of Nations”– Dishes from the Middle & Far East  
11. SALMON YAKIMASHI  rice stir fried with salmon &vegetables in an exotic japanese seasoning65 NIS 
12.DIM-SUM  Gyoza  6 units meat/chicken/veg salad49 NIS 
13.Chicken Pad Thai rice noodles Stir fried  with chicken & vegetables, in an exotic Thai seasoning68 NIS 
14.Salmon Pad Thai  rice noodles Stir fried with salmon &vegetables in exotic seasoning62 NIS 
15.Persian Kebab Chelou Kebab/spring chicken, 2 types of rice & Sabzi68 NIS 
16.Gondi & Friends Chicken & chick peas dumpling, served in soup with a hint of cardamom, with Persian rice and Sabzi59 NIS 
17.Bagdadi Asli “True Bagdadian” – Beet/pumpkin & meat Kibbeh
in a rich soup, served with rice
67 NIS 
19.Chicken Tikka MUMBAI – Roasted spring chicken cuts in Tikka Tanduri marinade, served with rice64 NIS 
 Main Course  
20.Chicken salad – warm-cold – served with ciabatta
and dressings on the side
48 NIS 
21.Irish Sheppard’s Pie – With ground meat, served
with a side salad
56 NIS 
22.Salmon Fillet – Piquant dish from the desert,
with root vegetables.  Served with ciabatta & salad
68 NIS 
23.Pasta Bolognese (meat)52 NIS 
24.Pasta Napolitana (tomato sauce)42 NIS 
 Mediterranean Grill Served with French Fries / rice, salad & chimichurri  
30..Spring chicken cuts with herbs68 NIS 
31..Chicken breast in Middle Eastern marinade65 NIS 
32.Entrecote Steak  300 gr.110NIS 
33.House Burger Served in a bun with a tomato, lettuce, pickle & onion loaf65 NISEgg- sunny side up 10 NIS
34.House kebab  Served with a salad, tahini, French Fries / rice & chimichurri65 NIS 
 Sandwiches: Served in Ciabatta bread, with French Fries  
40.Chicken Tikka Sandwich
  Roasted chicken breast in Indian herbs, with lettuce & tomato
48 NIS.
42.Kebab Sandwich  Beef kebab with tomato, pickles and lettuce48 NIS 
 Veggie / Vegan  
50.Tofu Pad Thai Stir fried rice noodles with vegetables, in an exotic Thai seasoning57 NIS 
51.Tofu salad – Stir fried vegetables in chili & ginger, served over a bed of vegetables of the season.52 NIS 
52.Veggie Persian – Sabzi dish with 8 types of vegetables, Lubia (green beans) & dried lemons, served with 2 types of rice and roasted tomato & onion59 NIS 
57.Tofu yakimashi  rice stir fried with tofu & vegetables in an exotic japanes seasoning59  NIS 
54.  NIS 
55.Veggie Bagdadian - Beet Kibbeh stuffed with tofu & veggies in a soup, served with rice58 NIS 
56.Veggie Dim Sum – Served with a salad + sauces49 NIS 
 Kid’s meal: served with French Fries, a salad & soft drink  
60.Chongo Mini Schnitzels44 NIS 
61.Hamburger44 NIS 
 Desserts (Ask you waitress)  
71.Watermelon (in season)25 NIS 
72. tricolad cake chocolade mousse cake  38 nis 
73.  passion fruit mousse cake  38 nis